Map 05


Sounds imply a presence that is sometimes human, other times from nature or from technology. Sounds involve us in the world and often evoke an emotional response as they help us to relate to the space around us. For example, certain sounds such as human chatter might evoke familiarity, bird songs might relax us while footsteps at night might evoke danger. This soundmap evokes the diversity and juxtaposition of sounds that evolve during a 24 hour cycle in the Smithfield area. Click on point E, and then click on the circle for each time period, to see how the rhythms of sound evolve and to view evocations of the atmospheres. Click on ‘add soundmap’ to see the variety of soundscapes that we have identified in different locations in the area.

The sound designer Eloise Whitmore recorded sounds over a 24 hour period and edited them into a loop. The sound is based on binaural recordings, i.e. 3D recordings, which produces a more immersive experience for listeners. They are best listened to with headphones. The descriptions are written by Eloise Whitmore, Sound Designer.